Monthly Cost of Living

You might think that we must be rich to travel all year, but that is not the case!  We are setting out to prove that living a fulfilling, adventurous life can be done on a shoe-string budget.

Probably the most important part of affording this lifestyle for us is being debt-free.  We can start with a clean slate and not be obligated to make "x" amount of money each month just to pay down debt and interest.

Here are our monthly costs of living and traveling full-time in our Airstream.


January - moved into Airstream halfway through the month

February - stationary

March - stationary

April - started our trip on the last day of the month

May - drove from Indiana to South Dakota

June - drove from South Dakota through Wyoming


August - roamed around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington

September- spent nearly a whole month by the ocean in Washington and Oregon

October - volunteered as lighthouse hosts at Heceta Head in Oregon

November - drove from northern California through Death Valley, and landed in Joshua Tree

Camp fees to date: $609

Every one of your Amazon purchases help us get closer to making ends meet and we really appreciate it!  Thanks!

We are not rich, but we are richly blessed.

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