Tour Sputnik

The Entry

The Family Room

The Dining Room

The Pug Picture Window

The Kitchen/Pantry/Wardrobe/Hallway

The Kitchen

The Bathroom Door (pictures of the inside are coming)

The Bedroom

The Bedroom at Night

The Rig

Our Airstream has four 100 watt solar panels on top which provide us with a good electrical charge, even on cloudy days.  We have no built-in inverter, and run everything off 12 volts. Our fridge is a 3-way, meaning it can run off solar (12 volts), propane, or 120 volts on the off-chance we are "plugged in."  We have no microwave or hair dryer, but we do have a propane stove and oven.  The Airstream weights about 3800#.

Our tow vehicle is a 2008 Volkswagen Touareg V8 and we use a Pro-pride 3P hitch.  The Touareg has a 7400# tow capacity.


  1. after finishing (yay!) and knowing what you know now...what would you have done differently?

  2. Bought a BRAND NEW Airstream! Haha just kidding. But that is a really good question, Oscar. I wish I had known to watch for those little plastic dealies that go in the window hinge to fall out when I took the windows out. They are really important and I had to whittle two out of a chunk of plastic when they went missing. Also, I wish I had known to save all of the original bits of hardware and their screws so that others who were doing actual restorations could use them. Hubs said he wishes he hadn't dragged his feet because he sees the finished result and likes it.....NOW he tells me ;)

  3. Amazing -- how did you do the lights in the bedroom?

    1. They are all fiber optics that were installed before the end caps went in.

    2. So cool! I'd love to do this too. Did you make holes in the end caps first? It doesn't look like there are any in the daytime photos.

    3. Hey Aleya, here is a daytime pic with the lights on :

  4. Ugh, So awesome. Can I email you with questions? ajvandoren (at) gmail dot com.