This is Sputnik:  our 1962 Airstream travel trailer.

Sputnik means "traveling companion" and since we live in our Airstream full-time as we travel the country, it seemed to fit. 

When we brought Sputnik home, she was homely, tired, and in serious need of frame and floor repairs.  It took us two and a half years, but my husband (hereafter referred to as Hubs) and I spent countless hours renovating and restoring her, with the help of Hubs' dad.  (For "before" pictures, click here.)

Hubs and I are under 30 and realized that retirement is way too far away to start doing the things we love.  We had slipped into "the American Dream" of having a house, two cars,  "normal" jobs....  It finally hit us that this wasn't our dream!  We had a house with too much stuff that we didn't need or use, were tied down by a mortgage that had to be paid, and a yard that had to be mowed.  I was self-employed and liked my job, but Hubs worked 50 weeks a year in order to have two weeks to travel and have adventures.  That is a pretty terrible ratio of work to travel!  Something was broken and we had to fix it.

By God's grace we were able to sell the house, sell the cars, sell the stuff and get out of debt!

Hubs is starting a new career as a freelance writer and editor, while I am hoping to build my website and take on more wedding photography. 

We are now on a cross-country tour, visiting national parks and wild places, and mostly avoiding cities and tourist traps.  Unless we hear there is good food there.

One of our greatest joys in life are our pugs, Otis and Murray.  Otis is calm, contemplative, and a mama's boy.  Murray is uncontrollably exuberant, irrepressible, and an opportunist. Imagine if Mr. Bean was a pug. 

They both are sweet dogs and always keep us laughing. 

We thank God for his mercy and kindness to us.  We have been redeemed, and with our souls secure in His hands, we are ready for whatever He has in store for us!