Thursday, April 7, 2016

Airstream Acquires Nest Caravan

Airstream recently announced the acquisition of Nest, an Oregon based company who was building all-fiberglass trailers.  If Airstream continues the look of the Nest caravan, this looks like a brilliant move!  

I am sure their intent is to have a trailer that is less expensive to manufacture than the Sport, thus opening their market up to people who can't afford to spend $46,000 on an RV, but still want something long-lasting and beautiful.

This would be a direct competitor to the Casita, Scamp, and Oliver, but with the backing of Airstream.  This is important because it would not have to be returned to the factory for warranty work to be done, just to the nearest Airstream service center.  

No word yet on what Airstream will do with it or when production will start, but stay tuned!

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