Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So I Got a Job.

There is nothing like a good slouch in the sun.

Slouching in the sun has been one of our major activities for the past few months.  I have quite a backlog of posts, but I am impatient and will give you a quick update on our current status.

We are still full-timing, but in a more stationary capacity in Tucson, Arizona.  

See, I got myself a job.  Mostly on accident.  It just kind of happened.  

We were boondocking on a little patch of BLM land just outside Tucson in late December, and the nighttime temperature was dipping into the twenties.  I was cold, and therefore motivated to find a nice RV park to plug our little electrical cord into so we could enjoy the benefits of heat even after the sun had gone down.  

RV parks cost money, see, and there was nothing to be done but to get a job.

At first I weighed the benefits of becoming the river otter at the local zoo.  It looked so happy. Then I found out that the pay was three fish heads a day, and I knew the RV park doesn't accept fish heads. 

On to plan B.  

I will spare you the details of my thirty-day job as a car salesperson and skip right to the good part.  Now I work at LazyDays RV, which features a beautiful brand new Airstream dealership.  

Be still my heart.

I don't actually work in the Airstream department, but I am slowly worming my way over there.  I sit in the Airstreams in my down time, pat their sides, tell them how lovely they are, and talk about Wally Byam with the only other two people in the dealership who know what I am talking about.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in an R-Pod or a Lance, I am the gal to see.


  1. Missed your posts, glad you're okay.

    1. Thanks Fran! Yes, we are all doing well and keeping our noses to the grind stone (except for the pugs).

  2. Ah! I have been following you guys from Australia - glad your back, I have missed you cheerful posts..good luck with your progression towards the Airstream Department where you can be in eternal bliss...LOL

  3. So glad you're back! Now I can continue living vicariously through you. Congrats on the job.