Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Salvation Mountain and the Center of the World

We haven't done anything decidedly weird in a while.  Let's visit Slab City!  

Before we get to the slabs, we arrive at Salvation Mountain.

Made from dirt, paint and putty, this eye-jangling hill is the product of twenty eight years of work by Leonard Knight.  

The mountain does not stand alone.  There is also a straw bale structure that is a testament to the tensile strength of paint.

It is a gusty day and I can hear the sticks and hay bales groaning and shifting overhead, so I make my visit short.

It looks like a deranged spider constructed this section.

Another silver bullet trailer is endowed with a residential air conditioner and left to rot. 

Sputnik stays long enough to have a look around, then makes for Yuma.

From Yuma, we can see over into Mexico on the other side of the big fence.

We drive right through the Imperial Sand Dunes, and catch glimpses of ATVers having a good time.

I'll bet you never knew that the Sonora Desert was the center of the world.  Well, according to the French government, anyway.  

When French parachutist Jacques-AndrĂ© Istel started a town called Felicity and ran for mayor, he was unanimously voted in by a 2-0 vote.  He built a chapel, a pyramid, and some stone slabs whose purpose was to "To engrave in granite highlights of the collective memory of humanity."  By the collective memory of humanity, Istel meant a history of French aviation, a history of the Korean War, a history of the French foreign legion, and for $200, your name.

We arrive at our destination just north of Organ Pipe National Park as the sun sets, and enjoy yet another spectacular desert evening.


  1. What happened to you guys???
    We miss you!

  2. I'm sorry for not posting in so long! We are alive and well, although stationary for the time being. We landed in Tucson for the winter and I am actually a sales consultant at Lazy Days RV and too busy to do anything but come home and crash! There will be a few posts coming about what brought us here, followed by some "around Tucson" posts. I appreciate the concern...we are quite safe and happy!

  3. Oh - so that answers my question - have missed u all as well - be happy - enjoy your life.....cheers from Australia