Friday, January 2, 2015

Nooyeers for Pugs

Happy New Year to you all!  We are making big changes around here, and smaller changes on the blog.  Until further notice, all proceeds from your Amazon purchases will be given to one of two pug rescue organizations in Arizona.  

And now a note from Otis and Murray.

Otis: The people are so weird.  They have been going on about these Nooyeers  Revolooshuns things where they decide to do things that would make them unhappy or uncomfortable.  Like eat less tasty stuff. 

Murray: Maybe they just don't know how to make a proper revolooshun.  Should we show them?

Otis: I'm game.  Hmm let's see.  I nooyeers revolooshun to spend more time loudly licking my feet.

Murray:  I nooyeers revolooshun to finally catch my tail this year.

Otis: What's up with that, anyway?  I can reach mine just fine.  You must be inbred or something.  
Hm.  I revolooshun to spend more time in bed and under the covers.

Murray:  Yea that's a good one.  Me too.  
I revolooshun to pee on all the outside things.

Otis:  I nooyeers revolooshun to find more sunny spots on the floor.

Murray: You can't decide that there will be more sunny spots, can you?  

Hey, remember that time when I made that smell that mom and dad could smell from outside the Airstream?  I revolooshun to make one even stinkier than that.

Otis:  Yup, definitely inbred.   
I nooyeers revolooshun to eat more of everything this year.

Murray:  Everything?  What about limes?

Otis:  I forgot about those.  
Okay, I revolooshun to eat more of everything except limes.  And pickles.  

Murray:  Watching your figure, eh?

Otis:  Gotta start somewhere.  

Murray:  Do you think we have enough nooyeers revolooshun?  

Otis:  For now.  If we run out, we can make some more tomorrow.


  1. I take it you are still moving south to find warmer weather. We are camp hosting here at Dead Horse Ranch S.P. in Cottonwood, AZ still. We had 8" of snow on Wed/Thurs of this week, still have 3-4" remaining on the ground but melting quickly. Hope you are doing well, enjoying the sights and interesting people God places in your path. Blessings to you, mike & Judy Snively

    1. Hey Mike & Judy! We are enjoying the beautiful southern AZ weather...72 degrees today, although it did get cold last week. But 8" of snow? We got some sleet, but nothing on that scale! Hope you are staying warm!