Wednesday, December 3, 2014

to Convict Lake

My aunt and uncle have the right idea, living here. 
The view is unrivaled, and there is an abundance of outdoor activities within a fifty mile range.  This morning they take us to Mammoth Lakes, a posh ski town at 8,000 feet.  The mountain pass that they were intending to drive through is closed, however, due to unplowed snow.  Plan B is a short hike around Convict Lake.

The lake is named for some escaped convicts who, in 1871, hid out here and wound up killing several of the men who came looking for them.  It seems safe enough now, though.

Along for the ride is Polly, my aunt and uncle's enthusiastic Golden Retriever.  She possesses astounding powers of teleportation, and goes bounding out of sight ahead of us only to turn up on our heels a few minutes later, soaking wet, muddy, and with a big smile.

One of her favorite games is to retrieve a tennis ball and a pine cone from the water.  Just one will not do.  She wades out, crams the ball into the back of her mouth, then grabs the pine cone and comes back to shore to rip the pinecone to shreds.  The tennis ball and two pine cones presents her with a quandary.  She can't fit all three in her mouth, no matter what order she tries.  

On the second half of the hike, Hubs finds a bug I have never seen before.  My uncle tells us it is a squashed Jerusalem Cricket. 

My aunt and uncle are both astrophysicists and know just about everything about stars, plants, bugs and rocks.  It is so nice to ask questions and somebody knows the answer!


  1. Your pictures are fabulous! The craggy mountains, the bare aspen, the clear water of mountain lakes all work in concert to stir up my latent feelings of homesickness for the western hemisphere. Safe travels.😘

    1. I hope the weather in IN doesn't keep you trapped there for too long!