Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Past Mono Lake, Past Yosemite

Sunday morning at Grace Community Church in Minden, Nevada, is everything we have been hoping it would be.  The sermon is excellent, the music is meaningful, and the people are so hospitable.  We get to know one lady and her daughter in particular, and find out that the daughter is very interested in living in a tiny house.  She also has four or five kids.  That takes a serious commitment to minimalism and a determination to maintain peace, and I applaud her for her endeavor.  

After church, we head out (amid the usual questions of "can you really pull that with that?") and continue on Hwy 395 going south.  There is one section of long uphill climb, just north of Mono Lake, CA, and we pass a newer Airstream heading north.  Don't they know that cold lives that way?  Our ascent is rewarded with a breathtaking panorama over Mono (pronouced Mo-No) Lake.

For some reason, the guard rail here is plastered with bumper stickers.

The next few miles are a steep and winding descent to Mono Lake, and I feverishly snap pictures until it is out of sight.  

We don't have time to stop today, as night is quickly falling and our destination is still have forty miles away, but we mark it on the map and vow to return someday.  It also kills us that we are passing right by Yosemite without visiting, but the road in is already closed due to snow.

Just over the next hill!
Finally, just as the sun leaves the sky, we find the house we are looking for and pull into the driveway.  My aunt and uncle live in a log home overlooking the Sierra mountain range and have graciously invited us to stay with them for as long as we please.

More people I know!  Family and heat and a bathtub!  

After a dinner fit for royalty, we climb into a real bed in a real house and conk out before our heads hit the pillow.

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