Monday, December 1, 2014

November Money Round-Up

This is how November played out money-wise:

Groceries: $253.96

Eating Out: $53.07

Camping Fees: $108 - 9 nights in Death Valley NP

Auto Fuel: $484

Propane: $32.48

Clothing / Laundry: $59 / $16

RV Maintenance: $34.65

Auto Maintenance: $104.39 - cost to fix wires chewed by pack rat, plus sticky traps to catch pack rat after second offense

Pug Care: $64.25 - one trip to the vet for Murray

Health/Medical Expenses for Humans: $13

Internet: $50 for 5 GB

Miscellaneous: $27.15

Total: $1,299.95

Miles Traveled to Someplace Interesting: 1,949

Notables for the month:

*We visited family in CA
*We found several Trilobite fossils
*We saw trees that were over 4,000 years old
*Murray got himself a trip to the vet
*We survived Death Valley
*We passed two California Agriculture Inspections
*We saw no Sasquatch

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