Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Death Valley (Part 3)

While yesterday's canyon hike was disappointing, we make up for it this morning by hiking in Mosaic Canyon.  We leave early, before most people are stirring out of their campers and tents, and are rewarded with a nearly empty lot at the trail head. 

 The canyon is named Mosaic for the small rocks that are cemented into the smooth walls.  

Desert Holly, which looks quite dead on the outside, but snap a leaf in half and you will see a bright green center.

Proof that there were jerks even back in 1847

 When we return back to camp, there is a hot bag of water waiting out in the sun, and fat puggies are going to get a long-overdue bath.  When the deed is finished, they sit on the bed and put on their most convincing grumpy faces.

Today it is time to move out of the Stovepipe Wells campground to the Sunset Campground at Furnace Creek, 25 miles to the southeast.  The road doesn't appear to change much in elevation and runs nice and straight, so Hubs suggests that I get behind the wheel today.  Everything goes smoothly and within an hour we are at our new site and unpacked.  Both campgrounds are $12/night, but this one feels slightly less like a parking lot, with palm trees bordering one side.  

It is a balmy 72 degrees today, and we both feel like we are getting away with something, enjoying such gratuitous warmth.  Like a vain girl looking at her reflection in everything she passes, I find myself gawking at every thermometer I see and feeling smug about not being in Indiana.  

Just a few miles down the road is Artist's Drive, which we spend the last few minutes of daylight winding around.  

 Otherworldly are the gloppy, brightly colored rock formations.  

 This section looks like melting sherbet.

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