Monday, December 29, 2014

Cactus Garden

The cactus garden in Joshua Tree NP is great if you really really love Cholla cactus. 

The Cholla cactus is a mean plant.  Just brushing against it will leave you with countless spines poking out of your skin.

The only other variety of cactus we are able to find is this diminutive plant.

We move over to Belle Campground, which is much, much nicer.  There are far fewer sites, the vault toilets are clean and smell good, and the sites are plenty big.

While staying at the campground here, we meet John, photographer extraordinaire and owner of Shadow.  Shadow is just as shy as his name implies, but when he gets around other dogs, he really opens up.  Murray scares the living tar out of Shadow as he lunges from the Airstream, and poor Shadow tucks tail and runs from our charging butterball. But as soon as he realizes that Murray is about as fierce as a muffin, the games begin.

Otis enjoys romping too, but isn't as interested in chasing as Murray is.  

Shadow lopes easily along while Murray scoots his chubby bum at top speed across the desert, hopelessly outpaced by Shadow.

John is very knowledgeable about photo editing and spends some time giving me pointers, as well as cleaning my camera sensor.  Oh to have a clean sensor!!! Spots were ruining all of my photos but I was too chicken to clean the sensor myself for fear of ruining my camera.  After a few minutes, my sensor is sparkling clean and I can go hog wild taking pictures of blue skies without spots.

A Joshua Tree

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