Tuesday, December 30, 2014

'57 Airstream Caravanner Tour

Dropping down out the south side of Joshua Tree, we spot several tarantulas sunning themselves on the road as we speed by.  In my opinion, that is the best possible way to see a tarantula.  

We pick out a spot on a patch of BLM land about a mile from the park and unhitch. 

What is that I see gleaming in the distance?  Another vintage Airstream!

Of course this requires an introduction.  We have the great pleasure of meeting Steve, owner and restorer of this fantastic 1957 Caravanner, and loyal subject of Brissy the cat.

Oh to have a wall of windows like that!

As much as I love our Airstream, I consider this model to be the ultimately covetable one.  

Who wouldn't want to see the sunset reflected in that fantastic end-cap?

This is Queen Brissy, the most pampered cat in the world.

Note the birch end-cap and boat running lights mounted to the ceiling. 

Steve's furnace is tiny and efficient and beautiful too.

These finger-pulls for the overhead cabinets are pretty typical of the wonderful and unique details that Steve put into his trailer.

For more pictures of Steve's trailer and restoration process, check out his blog and ask him to continue his blogging adventures!


  1. Great meeting you two and seeing your great trailer.
    We'll see you down the road.

    The Mighty Brissy & steve

  2. Hello Queen Brissy and Steve! Are you kidding? Your trailer is about a billion times greater than ours! :) Hope you are staying warm and dry during the cold snap! Let us know if you ever head towards Tucson.

  3. Both of your trailers display craftsmanship and a vision - truly a step above the norm. Thanks for the reveal - a lot of fun!

  4. Hey, you two. I still think your Airstream is the best (I've ever seen.) I've been babbling on to the people here at Bothe-Napa Valley State Park, two who are in Airstreams, about how cool yours is. Hope you're enjoying the warmth down there. We LOVE this park and the people and the scenery. We can't afford to go to any of the wineries (they're charging $20-30 a person for tastings now, but we figure we're past that. Last night, on my golf cart and only Debbie and I on duty, I had a Buddhist monk in the orange robes on a bicycle come into park. He was going from the Bay Area to Portland, OR. Soon I had 'given' him a yurt and Debbie and I fed him some vegetarian stuff we had. He was Italian, been a monk since '86, and had almost an aura about him from all that time meditating. So you can say we are officially in California now. Did your family get down there yet?

    1. I hope you guys are having warm weather and get to see the water every once in a while! We miss you two and your hilarious stories! If you ever swing by Tucson, let us know!