Wednesday, November 5, 2014

to Old Town

Can this be? Two days in a row where blue sky is visible?  We had better make the most of it!  

Hubs and I both go to the lighthouse today and work with our friends Kevon and Debbie.  These two are seasoned travelers, having lived on a boat for twenty years, worked for an airline that flew them all over the world, and backpacked and hiked all over. Now they are full-timing in their RV.  Getting to know them and listening to their stories has been one of the highlights of our month here at Heceta Head.  Kevon is a great photographer and obligingly takes a picture of us looking all smart in our Oregon State Parks uniforms.  Nothing is more flattering than a skin-toned canvas vest.

When our shift is over, we go back home and take Otis and Murray for a long stroll on the beach. Otis mentally catalogues every rock and shell that has been washed ashore, and Murray darts between all of us to make sure we don't forget about each other.  On the beach, it seems to be Murray's job to keep us in a pack.

The sky hints at another stunning sunset as we drive south toward Florence again. 

All of those white specks on the pointed rocks in the foreground are pelicans.  Hundreds of them.

We stop at a pull-off along the way and catch a glimpse of a few sea lions splashing in the surf below.

We drive into the Old Town section of Florence for another look at their arched bridge, then stop for dinner at a restaurant called The Homegrown.  

Dinner is better than we could have hoped, and we roll ourselves back to the car for the drive home.  

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