Wednesday, November 12, 2014

to Modoc National Forest

Murray has an appointment at the vet this morning, and I always seem to be in a bad mood at the vet.  Mostly because Murray is lunging at the end of his leash and making strangled snarly noises at anybody he can see.  Not even treats will distract him long enough to sit still.  I have to walk him around and around the vet's office as if we were in obedience class, commanding him to heel and lording over him with treats and threats of no treats.  

Back at our foggy Home Depot campsite, Hubs is waiting with a hug and a road-ready trailer.  

Within a few minutes, we are hitched up and on Highway 39 in Oregon heading south.  The fog burns off and the view changes from scrubby hills to flat cropland with a snow capped mountain in the distance.  

We enter California and find ourselves on a stick-straight road cutting through young pine forest.  

The campsite we had been intending to stop at has a barrier across the entrance, so we drive on and keep an eye out for more camping signs.  

A brown Modoc National Forest sign points to Lower Rush Creek Campground, so we turn onto a dusty red road and are chased by a large white dog until we see the entrance for the campground.  It isn't anything fancy, but the grounds are secluded, quiet, and hemmed in by stands of pungent pines.  

A small creek babbles beside the only loop in the campground, and thumb-sized birds flit through the trees making canary-like mews.  

We are the only souls here and there doesn't appear to be a fee to camp, so we choose a spot with some sun and unhitch.  

Last night the temperature dropped to the upper thirties, but with the sun shining sweetly it feels like a balmy 70.  This is a good temperature.  My family back in Indiana gives their local weather report, which is hovering in the mid 40's and grey.  I think we will do our best to follow 70 around the Southwest this winter. 

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  1. Where are you headed? 70 will get you into freezing weather...come on down to 40....

    1. We are on 395 headed toward Reno. I wish we had done this about a month ago! Next time we won't stay in Oregon so late.