Friday, November 14, 2014

to Eagle Lake, CA

There is not enough sunshine for our solar panels at this camp site, and we get no internet signal here, so we pack up and move on.  

As we drive past a field bordered by woods, I notice something large slinking towards the treelike.  At first I think it is an extremely large tan dog, but its head is level with its shoulders and it moves too much like a cat.  Wait…it is a cat…it's a mountain lion!  

We have been in mountain lion country for five months now, so it shouldn't be a big surprise that we see one, but it still catches me off guard.

Only fifty miles down the road we find a free campsite (thanks to Campendium) on BLM land right by a lake.  Well, sort of.  The lake must be very low, because the boat ramp sign (that brown post) is a good half mile from water.  

I am okay with no water because the view is nice and we will get constant sun all day long, adding greatly to our warmth and electrical reserves. There are no amenities here (not even a pit toilet), but that means we are the only ones around.  Our site, called Rocky Point , was not marked on signage and hard to find, but find it we did.  Down a mile of gravel road there are several potential sites, each with a rusticated fire ring.  We get 3 bars of Verizon 3G and good Verizon cell service, so we stay.

The pugs are happy with their new sunny spot, and Murray slumps down in the grass while looking like part of the landscape.  

Otis hasn't quite mastered the art of camouflage yet.

As the sun sets, the temperature drops dramatically so we are forced under the blankets by six thirty, or eight thirty Sputnik Standard Time.  Eight thirty is a much more reasonable time to be in bed.

Condensation builds up on our windows as the temperature plummets to the mid-twenties.  Pugs get too hot under layers of blankets, then too cold on top of the covers, so the humans spend a restless night being headbutted by pugs until we lift the covers so the cycle can continue.  

Late in the night we hear whooping that we can't quite place, and I wonder if we are about to be scalped.  Hubs thinks it is geese, and it is unlikely they can hold knives.  

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