Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oregon Dunes

The rain is nearly constant now, except for rare days when it only rains half the time.

Fall is upon us, but the tell-tale signs that I am used to are nowhere to be found.  All of the trees here are evergreens, so no leaves change color and fall off except from the "fancy" trees in the grocery store parking lot landscaping.  The temperature is comfortable and hovers around sixty during the day, except on this gloriously sunny day when I can take off my jacket and bask in the sun.  

Even though the weather is sublime, hardly anybody walks up the hill to our lighthouse, so I sit on a bench outside and read until there is someone to take on a tour.  Clouds scuttle across the sky, alternately spitting on us and then running away to let us dry ourselves in the welcome sunshine.  

Speaking of sunshine, last week was a partial solar eclipse, which was visible through a five minute break in the clouds.  A large group of what I could only describe as bonafide hillbillies trooped up to the lighthouse just as the eclipse became visible, and I excitedly pointed out the phenomenon to them and explained how to look at it without burning their eyeballs.  A fellow around 25 years old took a good squint directly into the sun, then hollered at me, "Does that solar thing happen a lot around here?"


As soon as my shift is over today, Hubs and I get in the car and set off to make the most of a nice afternoon, taking Gertie with us for some exercise.  She has been doing an excellent job of keeping mountain lions away from our Airstream, and it is high time we rewarded her. 

It seems silly that we have not yet visited the Oregon Dunes just south of Florence, so that is our target for the evening.

The dunes are much different than I had expected.  They are covered in grass, whereas I was imagining nothing but sandy hills.  

Placid lakes dot the landscape to the east of the dunes, mirroring the sky in their murky depths.

ATVing is huge here, and large swaths of dune are set aside for these noisy hobbyists to motor around trails and over hills.  We finally find our sandy dune; a nearly vertical mound with track marks shooting into the sky.

Sunset delivers a spectacular view as we watch the wind whipping the tops of incoming waves.

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