Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Money Round-Up

Notables for the month:

*We do our first volunteer stint as lighthouse tour guides at Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Oregon coast

*I climb up 5,394 stairs (as a result of the above)

*We see live starfish, anemones, and urchins while tide-pooling

*We discover the thrills of mushroom hunting

*I read 14 books totaling 6,610 pages

*Murray and Otis spend a glorious month of romping on a sandy beach

*We see nearly one Sasquatch

And now for the money:

Groceries: $263.85

Eating Out: $18.98

Camping Fees: $0

Auto Fuel: $156.69

Propane: $0

Clothing / Laundry: $12 / $0 (one of the perks of hosting)

Pug Care: $79.89 - 30# bag of Taste of the Wild dog food, three new bones, a new leash, dog doo bags, and treats

Health/Medical Expenses for Humans: $6

Internet: $50 for 5 GB

Miscellaneous: $42.74 - books and movies from Goodwill

Total: $629.46

A big thank you to everyone who has been using the links on my blog to make your Amazon purchases!  Because of your generosity, I made a record $43.59 this month!

Miles Traveled to Someplace Interesting: 574


  1. This is Steph W. checking in on the wandering tribe and their four legged counterparts. Mrs. Sputnik, I would like to know which books you read. GFC misses you. XO from the Midwest, where I just went trick or treating in a blizzard.

    1. Hello Stephanie! We miss you all as well and think of you often! Trick or treating in a blizzard? You (or your kiddos) must have a lot more will-power than me! I'd just stay home and eat a pan of brownies :) I will give you a call sometime in the next few days and divulge my mostly silly booklist, although I did read a book called the Peace Child which is the account of some of the first missionaries to cannibalistic Papua New Guinea. Amazing book!