Monday, November 10, 2014

Moving On

It is once again time to hit the open road.  Our month of stationary living was a nice change of pace from the usual cadence of packing up, moving, and setting up again, but it also felt like we were getting into a rut.  

I hate ruts.  

Back onto the highways and byways, the scenery abruptly changes from thick evergreen forests growing in sandy soil, to hilly deciduous forests full of autumn blaze springing from red clay.  

One of the nice parts of volunteering at Oregon State Parks is they give you a free night at another state park campground on your way out.  If you are moving between assignments, you get two nights.  For our one night, we choose Valley of the Rogue SP campground just southeast of Grants Pass.  

We pick a nice site and get a few minutes into setting up camp when we hear

weeeeerrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh  rooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh EEEEEEEEEEEE!!

The people two sites over are running their obnoxious RC car back and forth past our site, which is a deal killer for us.  Back in Indiana, some neighbors of ours had a few RC cars that they would play with at the most inopportune times, like a hot August night when we have company over and are trying to eat dinner with the window open.  


All of our other neighbors shared our disdain for the noisy toy cars, and one afternoon while I was chatting with my neighbor and glowering at this stupid car zipping in front of our driveway, the whole car suddenly explodes!  Wheels go spinning off in multiple directions, and little pieces of toy car are scattered all over the road.  

The force must have been strong in me that day, but I can't count on it in our present situation. I don't have enough ill-will built up against this new car, so we just pull out and find a different site.  

With daylight savings time at an end, it now gets dark much earlier than it should, so we call it an early night as our Airstream collects pretty leaves on her roof.

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