Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Money Round-Up

Groceries: $379 - this always includes paper and plastic goods like toilet paper, storage bags etc.  The total was high for the month because we bought most of our groceries for the next month as well.

Eating Out: $113.43

Camping Fees: $70

Auto Fuel: $217

Propane: $20.88

Clothing/Laundry: $36.60 for a winter wardrobe and $25 to get it clean

Pug Care: $51.71

Health/Medical Expenses for Humans: $6

Internet: $50 for 5 GB

Camping Gear: $31.51

Miscellaneous: $58.61

Total: $1,059.74

Miles Traveled to Someplace Interesting: 870

Notables for the month:

*We get out of Forks
*We see Ruby Beach
*We see the world's: largest frying pan, shortest river, largest independent bookstore, largest oyster shell, smallest bay, and smallest city park
*We find mystery Japanese barnacles washed up on shore and eat them
*We visit a vintage trailer park
*We go to Portland and take our first segway tour
*We survive towing on I-5
*I see somebody I know for the first time in over five months!!

By the way, thank you so so much to those who have been making Amazon purchases through my blog! Thanks to you, we can afford several jars of spicy pickles per month!  


  1. We met at the lighthouse and you gave me the tour, I was in the Coast Guard, we had our Springer Spaniel "Rocky" with us and you took our photo in front of the lighthouse. You asked about good churches in the area, I will ask around and get back to you. If you are ever down in the Bandon area, I would strongly recommend Langlois Community Church approx 10-12 miles south of Bandon. Solid preaching, good fellowship, solid born-again believers there. Hope to hear from you or see you on the road. If you ever come to Arizona in the winter (Nov-April), look us up at Dead Horse Ranch SP campground in Cottonwood, AZ about 1 hr south of Flagstaff off the I-17 interstate. Blessings to you both in Christ, Mike & Judy Snively. Email:

    1. Hi Mike and Judy! So glad you found me! It was wonderful to talk to you up at the lighthouse, and we will definitely check out Langlois Community when we head down that way. We may just stop by Cottonwood sometime this winter :)

    2. You have our email, we will be in Bandon for approx 3-4 weeks before heading south for Arizona. Let us know if you get that far south, we will find a spot for you near us. The pastor and Langlois said he thot Florence 1st Baptist was a solid church, he wasn't sure about one in Newport but was sure there are plenty around. Talk with you down the road.

  2. Hi, miss seeing you two, but enjoy reading your posts. I have placed several Amazon orders in the past couple of weeks and hope I am doing things correctly so you receive you %. I assume you've started you stint as tour guides by now and can't wait to hear about some of the interesting people I'm sure you'll meet. Take care, love you both.

    PS: I love pictures of colorful streams and rocky waterfalls. I am putting an assortment on our bedroom wall. If you have a chance to capture some pictures I'd be interested in purchasing some to complete my collection.

    1. Hey Bev! Yes, we have been getting a commission from your Amazon orders...thank you SO much! Let me know if you see any pics on the blog that you want, and I can send you the files. Hope you are enjoying your time back in Indiana...maybe we will see you down the road :)