Thursday, October 16, 2014


On my day off, we catch wind of a mushroom-hunting class at noon in Florence, and the word free is associated with it.  Some of our fellow hosts are attending, and it sounds like an interesting hobby.

Golden Chantrelle
The mycologist speaking today brings samples of Chicken of the Forest (a large orange fan-shaped mushroom shown below next to the dried leaves), Lobster mushrooms, Golden Chantrelles, and a mushroom that looks like a hamburger bun (Boletus, in the blue basket), along with some of the "evil twins" of the Golden Chantrelle.  

A Mycologist
A local chef has prepared a creamy soup of the Chantrelles, Chicken of the Forest, and Lobster mushrooms, which is excellent.  It is so far removed from Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, it wouldn't even be fair to compare them.

My friend in Portland lent nearly her entire library to me, and I have been blazing through her books at a terrific speed.  After picking up some groceries and pestering the Grocery Outlet in Florence for smoked gouda, I spend the rest of the day finishing off the first series of books on my list.


  1. That was a "yummy" article and as I read it, my stomach began growling. I've never seen mushrooms that big or interesting. I assume they are all of the edible variety since you mention tasting soup. Sounds like you might be boning up to go on your own mushroom hunt in the near future. May you have a bountiful experience.

    Keep those blogs coming. Carl goes into a funk when he doesn't get to read them for awhile. ☺

    1. Haha yes we are preparing to do our own hunting. This is prime area and time for mushrooming...they grow to astounding proportions here on the coast!