Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Every once in a while, you have to grab life by the horns and eat the magical mushrooms you found in the woods.  

Wait, that doesn't sound like a good idea.  Let's try again.

Every once in a while, you have to grab life by the horns and take the magical mushrooms you found in the woods to a mushroom scientist to identify the safe ones and then make a soup out of them.  (The mushrooms, not the mushroom scientists.)

That is what our friends Kevon and Debbie did before arriving at our trailer this evening with an armload of edible goodies and a large tureen of mushroom soup.

The plan is to cook King Boletes as many ways as we can.  We grill them and we fry them while munching on bruschetta and salmon, and finally the time comes to eat them.

The taste isn't bad, but it is overwhelmed by the unpleasant texture.  Hubs and Debbie bow out immediately after the first bite, but Kevon keeps eating and I give it the ol' girl scout try.  By the third small piece, I am adjusting to the texture until I bite down on the wrong spot and it makes a repulsive squelching noise.  It is like eating warmed banana slug.  

I throw down my fork and concede defeat.  

But there is plenty more food, the mushroom soup is delicious, and our evening is well-spent trying new foods and laughing with new friends.

Our next chance at a new food comes in the form of ground cherries.  We pick them up at a farmer's stand, intrigued by their papery shell.  

This is not my picture, it is from here.
If a tomato, a tomatillo, and a tangerine crossed, it would taste like ground cherries.  It is certainly a flavor we have never had before, but not an unwelcome one.  We also get our first try of persimmon, which has the texture of an apple and flavor of a cantaloupe. 

On our trip into town on one of my days off, Hubs and I visit Goodwill where I find a thick cable-knit sweater for $5. All but one pair of my jeans has developed holes, and I am able to find a replacement for $7.  Hubs gets a pair of flip flops and we find a few dvds of interest, making for a successful day of shopping with our wallets only $22 lighter.  I think Goodwill and I are going to be friends.

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