Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Everybody's Grandma

This being Saturday, Hubs goes with me to give tours at Heceta Head Lighthouse.  The short drive in brings us to the parking area with the graceful bridge, where I get out and take some pictures. 

What a nice thing to spend the day with my husband!  We give the first two tours together, then pass each other while leading people up and down the lighthouse.  On one tour, I am explaining to a little girl that the lighthouse keepers in the late 1800's didn't get to go to the grocery very often and had to grow all of their own vegetables. I asked if she likes to eat vegetables, to which she shyly says, "yea."  A few minutes later, as I am continuing the tour, she walks up to me, reaching her small hand up to my arm and tugging my khaki vest with the other hand.  I smile down at her as she whispers up at me, "I don't like tomatoes."

I am getting to know my co-hosts here and have three shifts per week with a lady named Nelda.  

Nelda was born to be a grandma.  Any child that comes within ten feet of her suddenly has fabricated memories of eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and drinking lemonade on Nelda's porch and being spoiled rotten on every major and minor holiday.  So if you have children and are going to take a tour of Heceta Head Lighthouse, ask if Nelda is around.  

After we finish for the day, Hubs and I take Murray and Otis for their daily vacation to the beach.  Now we have to refer to it as "that place with all the sand" because beach is no longer a safe word in our home.  The mere mention of the beach results in two pugs in hysterics, spinning and whining by the door.  There will be no rest for us until we produce.

The sandstone cliffs are a canvas of perpetually changing swirls of orange, and small coves shelter us from blowing sand.

I don't put much stock in the kind of undying love that only has the energy to carve itself into soft sandstone.  

Thanks for doing your Amazon shopping through my blog!  You all have really outdone yourselves this month and I am so grateful!


  1. Awesome bridge photo....

    1. Thanks! Although I just pointed a camera at it. Even on my days off, I beg hubs to drive down there on our way past just so I can see in the haze and sunshine!

  2. Replies
    1. At sunset, the whole wall turns a fiery red and those orange bits are especially beautiful!