Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Back to the Lighthouse

By my third day on the job, I am an old hand at giving tours.  It is easy to catch on and I feel very comfortable in my duties.

  Hubs will only be giving tours on weekends, because somebody has to be making income around here.  He stays back at the Airstream while I give tours of the lighthouse. Over the course of the tour day, I meet a brick layer who knows everything possible about building with brick, so it is very interesting to hear him comment on the lighthouse structure (which is made almost entirely of brick).  

Looking out over the expansive sea view, I am in constant awe of how beautiful everything is.  

We are so blessed with this opportunity, both to spend my days at the lighthouse, but also with our accommodations in the nearby campground.  It is just across the street from a day-use beach and we have every possible amenity here.  This is the first time we have been hooked up to electricity and water since we were living at the shop in Indiana, so it is so strange to have our lights on as much as we want, and not have to be forever switching the fridge between propane and battery power.  It is warm enough that Hubs even runs the air conditioner while I am gone!  Other stellar perks of this position include use of a washer and dryer, and free access to chopped firewood.  There are showers that pump out hot water.  The only downside to the showers is that they are on a timer, and a button has to be pushed every ten "Mississippis" to keep the water coming. That is obnoxious beyond endurance, but I find that one of the showers runs for a full thirty seconds before the silly button has to be pushed.  

After I return from a few hours of giving tours, we take Otis and Murray for their daily romp in the sand.  

We have the beach to ourselves and stay until the sun sinks below the horizon.

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