Wednesday, September 3, 2014

to Hoh Oxbow

We have exhausted the week limit at Bear Creek campground, making today moving day.  After leisurely packing up camp, we drive a few miles into Forks to empty and fill our tanks as needed.  The Forks 101 RV resort lets us do this for $5, and their water tastes excellent.  

What is that I see?  Fifty cent hot dogs across the street?

Hubs and I eat a cheap, tasty lunch entirely devoid of proper nutrition, and move on down the road.  

Not too much further and we arrive at Hoh Oxbow campground; a shady, enthusiastically green camp with eight sites and a newer vault toilet.  With our Discover Pass, it is free!

Only one site gets dappled sunlight and it is an ample pull-through next to the river.

This is a popular launch site for rafters and fishing boats, although the boat ramp itself is steep and rutted.  

Swirling water of the most electric blue rushes between rocks and over short drops.

I sit in the last warm rays of day and imagine myself an ant, gazing out at massive sets of waterfalls.  The smallest wonders appear magnificent when one is millimeters tall. 

The roar of water drowns out all other sounds, so I keep looking back to make sure a bird or toad isn't sneaking up on me.  

Time for this ant to crawl back to its nest for the evening and feed its pet aphids some dinner.

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