Friday, September 19, 2014

the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail

Even on overcast and cool days, we love the ocean.  

There is a wonderful paved bike path called the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail that runs eight and a half miles through the dunes and by the sea.  The Sou'Wester has bikes that we take for a several mile spin.  Part of what makes the trail so enjoyable are the small hills that go over sand dunes which make us feel like slot cars zipping around turns.  Along the trail are factoids about Lewis and Clark's exploration in this area, along with statues and a whale skeleton.

Not many people are by the sea or on the trail today, but we do see a man with a soft carrier strapped to his back, his untethered cat strolling along the path beside him. 

Though I have been busy, I don't have photographic evidence of it.  We are enjoying our stay at the Sou'wester and I have been occupied with projects around the lodge.  Otis and Murray keep a sharp ear out for the word "beach" and whenever it is mentioned, it is as good as promised to them.

"Murray, do you wanna go to the beach?"


  1. hey...your animated pictures are way to cool. Do you have a program for that?? Still enjoying your blog and adventures, looking forward to where you go next.

    1. You can make animated gifs in photoshop or imageready!