Monday, September 15, 2014

Maslow's Hierarchy of Pickled Needs

Bright white light floods the camper as I squint my eyes groggily and yawn.  Is it day already?

No, it is three in the morning!  A full moon illuminates the land and sea, and the spectacle keeps me awake and looking out the window.

South Beach campground, our home for the last few days, is closing today for the winter and neither of us are very happy about it.  Hubs has become as attached to this place as I have.  

By eleven a.m., we are on our way to hitching up when a ranger comes around and asks if we are about ready to leave, tapping his wristwatch.  The campground is deserted except for two other Airstreams and a few campers lined up in the beach-front sites.  They all seem to be waiting for something.  I run into a full-timer that we met a few days ago and he tells me that there is an unusually high tide in a little under an hour, so everybody is stalling to see it.  

We drive to Kalaloch campground just a mile up the road and Hubs dumps our tanks while I try to wear the dogs out with their second walk of the day.  This campground is larger than South Beach, but many of the sites are comically short, and the place is pretty packed.  We are in dire need of groceries, so we decide not to stay here and make our way south toward Aberdeen, WA.  The city is big enough to have a Walmart and we intend to camp there overnight.  Our drive is uneventful and we pick out a spot in the Walmart parking lot that borders a river walk.  As far as parking lot camping goes, this spot is nicer than most.  

I slog through three groceries in pursuit of the best deals, and after spending about half a month's grocery money, our pantry is brimming with food again.  

I even buy Famous Dave's Spicy Pickles!  This is something of a measure of wealth to us.  One who has spicy pickles must be rich, because in order to afford something as frivolous as pickles, all other needs must already be met.  Spicy pickles are even mentioned in the self-actualization stage of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, believe it or not.

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