Friday, August 15, 2014

To Mt. Rainier-ish

Without a clear destination in mind, we hitch up in the early morning and start driving west.  The Gifford Pinchot National Forest extends right between Mt. Rainier and Mt. Saint Helens, so we are hopeful to find a spot equidistantly betwixt the two.  

We drive up and down a series of long 6% grades (not flat, but certainly not hairy driving), and pull off into the La Wis Wis campground right outside Mt. Rainier NP, just to check on prices.  I hop out of the car and notice that our wheels smell hot and are smoking.  Maybe?

Maybe it is just dust.  Maybe not.

We had better sit tight for a while and let our brakes cool off.

La Wis Wis campground is beautiful, but it is $20 a night and we aren't willing to fork that over, so we pull out the maps and scour them over lunch.

45 minutes later, the wheels are cool and we are back on the road.  Unbeknownst to us, that is the closest we will get to Mt. Rainier.

Our next stop is the ranger station in the tiny town of Randle, where we pick up some local maps and ask one of the rangers if she can recommend a place to camp.

Following her directions, we find the most perfect (Hubs the editor tells me that there are not varying degrees of perfect ... a thing is either perfect or not.  In that case, this is the MOSTEST PERFECTEST 110%) site about eight miles from town...

...down a well-maintained gravel road...

...and right next to a river!

"LOOK LOOK A BALD EAGLE!!!" I shout excitedly to Hubs and aim my camera at it.  

"HMMFHF uh BULLFNN FEEFMF??" he replies, coming out of the Airstream with his mouth full.


I show him the stellar picture I took of it:

I think I may just get an award for that one.

Our new home has enormous old growth trees all around, and joy of joys, a sandy beach!

Otis and Murray instantly busy themselves by looking for trouble...

...chasing each other around...

...and drinking the river water despite all attempts to stop them.

I think I want to live here.  And for the next few days, we do!

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