Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pills and Bills

First thing this morning, I make an appointment with a vet in Yakima to have Otis looked at.  He is clearly not feeling well and is having trouble walking.  His hind legs aren't working well and he wobbles back and forth as he tries to go forward, causing my anxiety about his health to escalate.  By 10:00 we are driving into Yakima once again, Otis on my lap in the front seat.  He is in lots of pain and is writhing about and shaking.  I have to carry him into the vet's office and they hand me a clipboard with forms to fill out before he can be seen.  

Otis has his head pressed against my neck and chin and he is shaking so hard that my teeth rattle.  Most of what I write is not legible.  While we wait, a chipper lady holding a terrier tries to strike up a conversation, even though this is clearly not the time.  She asks what is wrong with my dog and tells me all about her friend's dog who suddenly couldn't use his back legs and had to have spine surgery.  

Thanks lady.  Just keep it to yourself, okay?

But she persists.  Finally a tech comes to get us and I leave the chipper lady to torment the family that just brought in a yowling box, presumably full of grouchy cat.  

After a brief examination, the vet prescribes a few medications and has Otis walk around the room.  

Boy, is he sorry.

Otis lets loose the cause of his discomfort all over the floor.  Poor thing, he just can't help it.  

That seems to make him feel much better, although it leaves me gagging from the stench.  A tech comes in and, bless her heart, cleans it all up without even wrinkling her nose.  

"Oh, it happens all the time.  I'm glad to see him walking!"  

She deserves a gold sticker.

The vet gives him a LeanTreat, which ranks slightly above chicken in Otis's book of things to eat.  I buy a bag for him on the way out.

We drive back to camp and spend the rest of the day next to the river.  

Otis is exhausted and sleeps soundly on a towel with Murray standing guard.  

I catch them holding tails later in the afternoon.  

See?  They really do love each other!

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