Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Huff n' Puff and Salmon

I can't believe that we get to live here!  And for free!  The sandy beach is just the place to sit in the sun and read.  

Otis and Murray dedicate their day to staying in a sunny spot, migrating every few minutes to find their target as the sun moves across the sky.

Our site is in complete shade, except for ten minutes of each day when a small patch of light from the setting sun hits the two front solar panels.  It isn't much, but it is enough to get our battery just under full.  Of course we have to run the fridge off propane during the day instead of 12 volt, as we usually do, but that is a very small price to pay for this site.

Blackberries are ripe right now and grow everywhere on this road.  I also notice that wild peas are blooming and many have small pods.  

The moon has been nearing full the past few nights, but tonight it is like a flashlight shining through the trees.  

In the morning, Otis is still squinting and I am afraid that it might be serious.  Since it is Friday morning, we make the decision to pull up and find a vet since nobody will be open on Saturday.  

Just as we are preparing to leave, a man that reminds me of Walter Brennan shows up with a pole and big net.  I describe to him the large black fish with the white head that we saw and he tells us it is a salmon.  He is in the middle of talking about fish when he looks past me and jumps like he has been electrified.  

"Excuse me, the fish are here!"

The what now?

A truck rumbles down the gravel road toward our site, then turns and backs up to the river.  The driver gets out and extends a chute from the back end.  Walter Brennan and his family stand near the back of the truck, poles and nets out, waiting eagerly.

WHOOSH!  The driver opens a hatch at the back and out sloshes water and thirty-five large salmon!

Within seconds, the waiting fishers are struggling with their poles and the fish are scooped up into nets.  

What a haul!

We don't stay to see the full spectacle since we have some ground to cover before Otis's vet appointment.  On the way out, we pass a roadside stand called Huff and Puff.  

Being in Washington state and passing a place called Huff and Puff, I am instantly suspicious, but the large red signs on either side that say EAT clear up my confusion.  The outside is so gaudy, the food must be good, but a look at the price board sends us on down the road.  

A few hours later we arrive at the veterinary office in Eatonville and they fit Otis in a few hours earlier than his scheduled appointment.  

Otis trots happily into the office until he realizes what this place is, then his tail unfurls, drooping between his knees.  Hackles up, he sits on the bench next to me and tries to flatten himself into my side.  

"I do not exist I do not exist if they cannot see me I do not exist"

"Sorry, kiddo.  It is your turn."

The vet looks him over and adds some bright yellow dye to his eye, showing a small abrasion where the dye does not wash away.  He asks me how long Otis has been squinting.

"Over a week."

"Well I don't know what you have been doing, but it looks great!"

I tell him that I have been giving him colloidal silver eye drops and he tells me to keep it up.  If it weren't for that, it would have become a corneal ulcer by now.  With a prescription in hand and orders to keep using the colloidal silver, we are out the door and back on the road.

We want to make it to Tacoma and have a Walmart parking lot all picked out for our stay tonight.  As evening falls, our error becomes clear.  

I don't know if there is a term for those little cars where they soup up the engine and add spoilers, but about fifty of them show up for a rally in the Walmart parking lot, about twenty feet from our camper.  

Oh, the NOISE!  The owners all stand around with the hoods of their cars up, watching each other rev their engines.  

They drive as fast as they dare, trying to make the biggest noise.  

This is not tolerable.  Hubs finds out that there is a Cabela's on the other side of the highway, so we vacate as soon as possible.  Cabela's has a large, quiet lot surrounded by trees and it is vacant except for two other overnighters.  

Ah, peace and quiet!

We watch a rented Redbox movie; Noah starring Russell Crow.  It was accurate for the first four seconds.  I counted.  

If you go into it knowing it does not even try to hold to the Biblical account, it is an entertaining movie.  

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