Sunday, August 10, 2014

for a Swim

By noon the temperature is hovering near 100 degrees and even our shaded tent is sweltering.  I give the pugs chicken ice cubes (frozen chicken broth) which they greedily lick with chilly tongues.  We are about a minute's drive from Lake Coeur D'Alene -- we just need to find a suitable place to get into it.  With pugs all suited up, we find a pebbled beach and slide on in.  

Murray bobs happily as I hold his front legs and zoom him around in the water.  He rests his head on my arm and starts to fall asleep.  Otis is less thrilled to be in the water until he sees a seagull floating nearby and launches from shore in pursuit of it.  Taunts of "get the birdie" renew his determination until he realizes how far from shore he is and paddles back.

We are all refreshed after our swim and by the time we go back to camp, the sun has set behind the mountain and the temperature has become bearable.

The houses around this lake are so strange!  Many of them are built on floating platforms out on the water and at first I think they are just fancy boat garages, but there are some very large, very expensive residences floating on the lake.

After dinner, we pack up and get the camper ready for an early start tomorrow.

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