Friday, August 1, 2014

Camping Among the Casings

July 24

We are mobile again, and that means food and laundry.

I manage to get out of the grocery without breaking the bank (thanks to some gift cards from Christmas), and our pantry is once again well stocked.  

Our clothes are clean and life is good!  

On my way back from town, I scout out two potential boondock sites and pick the more accessible of the two.  Upon my return to camp, I unload groceries and laundry while Hubs hitches up.  Back down the bumpy dirt forest service road we go, past the empty cars of wild raspberry pickers (the raspberries are wild, not the pickers, although they may be as well), onto the wide, dusty gravel "main" road that makes our teeth rattle, and finally back onto real asphalt.  Oh, I could kiss it!  About a mile down the road is a forest service area once used for practice shooting, but it has since been closed due to abuse.  Weeds have grown over the gravel loops and bullet casings clink under my shoes.  I take up the front and walk very slowly in front of the car and camper, scouting for broken glass, nails, or large screws.  The coast is clear and Hubs backs the camper onto an open gravel area.  

Our new spot is nicely hidden from the road and the view isn't too bad.  In fact, we can see our old campsite on the mountain from here.

Dinner is Chicken a la King and we are both stuffed to the gills by the end.  Except for Hubs.  So I make brownies.

It is a good day.

A huge thank you to those who have done their Amazon shopping through my blog.  And here it is:


That wasn't as huge as I had anticipated.  Try scooting closer to your screen.

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