Friday, August 22, 2014

Adventures in Olympia - Part 2

With a big city only a few miles away, we leave the pugs in the Airstream to do some exploring in Olympia, Washington.  Our first objective is to find good seafood, so we find a metered parking spot and start walking, but not before noticing that the well-heeled men's haberdashery we are parked next to has a sign in the entry that tells us we cannot sit, lay, or sleep there.  

Drat...just when I find a comfy-looking doorway.

We wander through the maze of tall buildings, checking out menus of any mom and pop food places we pass.  As we walk toward a street corner, a middle-aged woman approaches us dragging an egg crate on a rope, muttering.  When she is within a few feet, she warns us not to drink the water for at least a week.  

Curious.  Why ever not?  

Because of the blood from vampire sacrifices, of course.

We continue walking as she follows us, egg crate in tow, babbling about contaminated water and vampires and blood.  

I feel sorry for her.  If these are the thoughts that inhabit her mind, it must be a dark and scary place to be trapped in.

We turn the corner and cross the street, leaving her to warn the other denizens of Olympia.

Wandering into a used book store, we find several books of interest and the extrovert owner recommends a place called the Oyster House for lunch.  I guess it is a landmark in town, but it burned down last year and just yesterday has reopened.    Over the next hour, we enjoy a leisurely lunch of fried sea things in a basket with fries at the Oyster House.  Everything is delicious, and our yearly quota of fried food is met it that single meal.

There is a seafood market just down the street that has live crabs and lobsters, salmon, sea scallops that were still…er…swimming….yesterday, and more clams and oysters than you could shake a stick at.  We don't buy anything, so it is cheaper than the aquarium and we count it as our cultural experience for the day.

Oh look…a Target!  We must be in a big city!  We are in need of a few basics, but while I am looking for those, I stumble across a plastic mat to go under our step.  I have been wanting one for a very long time, but at $50 a mat, Hubs would not allow it.  This one is on clearance for $10!  He can't say no to that!  Just think of all the mud and pine needles we won't be tracking through the Airstream any more!  

The colors are garish, but it is functional and cheap, and in the end Wife triumphs over Hubs.  

At checkout (the mat is folded up and apparently mysterious-looking), the cashier says, "Enjoy your…whatever that is."

Hubs looks at me on the way out and says, "You deserved that."

Hubs gets a good pinch.

Evening is quiet, with the exception of Mr. Drinks From Creek, who has given his two children plastic recorders, which they are loudly practicing. 

We are working on a new way of training the pugs using positive reinforcement (thanks to the kind advice of an airforums member who is a dog trainer), so Otis and Murray are learning a new trick and learning fast, since chicken is involved.

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