Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Slug, a Pug and a Crawfish

Today we drive out to the chilly spit protruding from Port Angeles, Washington.  There appears to be a picnic area on our atlas and I want to see some water, so we pack pugs into the car and drive.

The temperature at our campsite is 74 degrees, but when we reach the end of the spit, the car thermometer reads 61.  Brr!  

This isn't quite the relaxing picnic area I was expecting.  It feels very much like watching traffic on a watery Route 80.  Cargo ships bustle through and passenger ferries blast their fog horns as they near port.

The Good Ship "No Smoking":

Trees, stripped and cut, are stacked twenty feet high and eighty feet deep in rows and rows, waiting on shore for a cargo ship to pick them up.

We watch a group of young rowers practice in the calmer waters of the bay, the coxswain methodically counting to keep all oars going at the same pace.  Murray is baffled that there are humans going by on the water, and reacts with typical buzzing and barking.

The next morning, we pack up camp and drive toward a promising-looking campground less than thirty miles away.  

Pulling into Bear Creek Campground, we select a spacious site and unhitch.  

This is another Washington Discover Pass campground, meaning it is free if you have the pass.  

Free is good, and we are going to make that $35 pass pay for itself as many times as we can.  

This is a beautiful place, and the sites are much more private than at Elwha.  The Sol Duc river runs parallel to the campground, down a steep embankment.  

Hubs and I clamber down the hill and start looking for anything of interest.  Hubs finds a large crawfish, although it only has one pincher at the moment.  

Hello, tiny lobster!

Back at camp, the pugs get to frolic around our large grassy area, playing with some new toys….

…and making the place theirs.

Hubs finds the most interesting slug to date!  Meet Arion rufus, or the Red Slug.


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    1. It has paid for itself many times over by now! We like it too :)