Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A New Site

Otis is back to normal by morning and we are ready to hit the road again.  We want to reach national forest land right around Rimrock Lake and it doesn't take long to get there.  We shop around for sites and after several tries we find a small paved area right across from a "developed" $8/night campground.  By developed, I mean that it has a porta-potty. 

The only occupants of the campground see us coming and try to scare us away, like a bird fluffing its feathers to make it appear larger, by switching their generator on and turning on loud music.  As soon as it becomes clear to them that we are parking in the site across the street, they turn their generator and music off.  Their campground is safe from us.  

While Hubs is backing into the site, Murray has a seizure.  He has one about every six months, but usually they are stress-induced after a visit to the vet.  We can't account for this one.  I hold him and try to keep him calm and a few minutes later he is back to his plucky self.

After unhitching and unfolding our chairs, we get out our books in anticipation of a lazy, relaxing evening.  Suddenly there is a thunderous roar over our heads.  It sounds like the clouds are being torn apart and a jumbo jet is about to crash into us, but there is nothing above but blue sky!  

Our ears are filled with this extra-pair-of-pants kind of sound as it grows and grows until I am sure we are doomed, then dissipates and is gone in a flash, leaving us looking up and scratching our heads.  

A few minutes later a pickup pulls into our lot and since the owner seems to be a local, I ask if he knows what that noise was.  Apparently there is a military base nearby and they have jets that do runs over the lake, probably to watch the little ant-people below cower and require clean pants.

He also tells us that we picked just about the worst spot for camping; we are camped in the the parking lot for a very popular swimming hole.

That is all we need to hear and hitch back up to find a new site.  Two miles down the road, we find a gravel pull-off that seems quiet enough.

There is a path cut into the side of the hill, leading to a level area shaded with mature pine trees.  A swift river flows past and under a bridge, visible from our site.

The sound of rushing water makes for pleasant background noise as we make dinner and spend an evening reading.

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