Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Mosquitos Win

 June 28

We stuck it out for nearly a week, but the mosquitos have gained the upper hand and it is time to leave.  

Most of the week has been spent working, so we don't feel as though we have experienced the park the way we would like.  It has also been very rainy and cold the past few days.  It hails three times this morning (just small stuff, so no damage) before finally clearing enough to walk Otis and Murray.  They are suffering from cabin fever and starting to go loopy, so it is high time for walkies.  We only get a half mile out before the mosquitos come out of hiding from the hail and make us all miserable.  Fortunately, pugs are lazy creatures and a mile all-told has made them ready for a good nap.

Hubs and I leave to do some exploring.  

Down a gravel road we go as I hunt flowers and rocks.  I feel like I am walking in a garden!

Scarlet Gilia

We stop by the Jackson Lake Lodge and see something I would very much like to own someday.

A Flxible bus!  

Maybe when we retire we can spend our time cruising the country in a refurbished one.

While for sanity's sake we must leave our present campsite, we don't want to quit the park just yet.  There is another free boondock just to the southeast of GTNP that we would like to check out while not towing.  

Down a dirt road replete with potholes, large rocks and small ravines…up a narrow, winding road…past a boulder with a duct tape arrow…and there it is:

A view of the whole mountain range and valley floor.  

The mountaintop stirs the clouds.

Even though it is late in the evening, we decide to get our trailer and come back.

We park and unhitch just as the sun is setting.

There are no mosquitos here and the view is astounding!

I wish I could bring every one of you here.  Pictures just don't do it justice.


  1. We are going to be there in about 2 weeks...would love to know directions to this boondocking spot...but I do know that you probably hate to share this wonderful spot with the "world". Any chance of an email?

    1. Sure thing! Go on HWY 89 (the main road through the park) south of Moran Junction toward Cunningham Cabin Historic Site. Turn on the dirt road directly across from the entrance to Cunningham Cabin (if you see the entrance for Triangle X Ranch, you have gone too far) and continue on that until it forks. Take the LEFT fork and go around the hill, passing a camping spot on the right. You will see a large boulder with a duct tape arrow on it on your left. I wouldn't take that drive the first go round until you see if you have enough clearance. Take the next left, which is slightly smoother. You will see several camp sites in this area. This spot is actually in Grand Teton National Forest, not the park. The road in is very rough and I heard several small cars bottom out going around the sites. There are no amenities at all. The nearest vault toilet is five miles south on 89 at the end of Deadmans Bar Road. Don't take a trailer down there, as it has a 19% grade in one spot. Have fun! It is just about the prettiest place on earth!

    2. p.s. since there are no restrooms, be careful of um...human leavings... I guess taking a shovel into the woods is too much for some people. Otis, to his everlasting shame, found one and licked it before I could stop him.