Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sunday Meatday

June 29

It is Sunday morning and we are bound for church in Jackson, 20 miles away.  We also only have a half dozen eggs and a quarter gallon of milk left in our larder, no beans, and perhaps one more pair of clean socks each.  

We do laundry at The Missing Sock, the most appropriately named laundromat to date.  It is a clean facility, reasonably priced, and right next to Smith's grocery. 

All I will say about church this morning is that we miss our church in Indiana very much.

We trundle our groceries and clean laundry back home, getting out of Jackson as soon as possible.  It is not an ugly town or a dirty or crime-ridden town.  The reason we want to leave is because we are both very hungry and there are fantastic (and pricey) places to eat on every corner.  We have the good taste but not the means to enjoy Jackson, so we hie back to camp and a lunch of salad and hot dogs.

Otis and Murray are, as always, thrilled to see us and starving for lunch.  Once we are all fed, we park ourselves in our camp chairs and watch the dogs frolic off leash.  There is not a single other person here and it is reasonable to let the pugs enjoy some sun.

They set to work chewing sticks or trying to kill each other. It is highly entertaining.

Exhausted, they plop down in the shade and nod off.

Dinner is chicken (HOORAY MEAT!) and green beans over the camp fire. Campers drift in until there are half a dozen other cars within sight and a few of them have music playing loudly.  More cars show up to watch the sunset.

I'll bet you are getting sick of mountain pictures.  There is not much else to do here except look at the mountains, though, and they change color and mood every few minutes so I keep taking pictures.

The moon is low in the sky and quickly drops behind the mountains where the sun went to hide an hour since.

The multitude of stars make their appearance and burn brightly in the absence of their nearer, more luminous cousin.

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