Tuesday, July 29, 2014


 Stranded on this mountain, I am left to my own devices to occupy myself.  Hubs is busy trying to find editing work and I have already cleaned everything in the camper, so I go sit on a burned stump and watch for Sasquatch.  

Our Benchmark Atlas indicates an alleged Bigfoot sighting just miles away in Glacier National Park.  

I ask Hubs why he is laughing at me.  He says he can't tell if I am serious or not.  

I can't either.

I guess if I see a 'squatch, I am serious.  If not, I'm joking around.

As the day progresses, it gets hazier and hazier.  By afternoon the mountains are gone, by evening the valley has disappeared, and as the sun sets the whole countryside smells like a cheap motel.  

The cause: wildfires burning in Washington and Oregon.  

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