Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Loosest Dryers in Town

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On Saturday we leave our $5/night campground and drive north toward Kalispell, MT.  I knew we would love Flathead Lake, but the water was so tropically blue-green that we are tempted to camp in the Walmart parking lot in Polson just for the view.  But we have a church all picked out in Kalispell for Sunday morning and don't want to have to drive very far to get there.  Our camp is in the lovely parking lot of Cabela's.  As far as parking lots go, it could be worse.  

After unhitching, I leave Hubs and pugs back at the trailer to do laundry at the loosest slots in town. 

There is a staggering amount of casinos in Montana, and they are crammed into the most inappropriate places.  The laundromat is bright and sterile, but adjoins a very dark room with mirrored ceilings and a hundred flashing gambling machines.  In order to get the wifi password, I venture in.  It is like walking into a seizure.  

With all of these quarters in my pocket, how could I resist those slots?  But I bet on the slightly more sure thing and feed the dryers with them.

We arrive at church on Sunday morning with trailer in tow and are so pleased with everything about the service and people.  The preaching is wonderful and we are invited to the "small church" gathering at a home for lunch and a Bible study.  Our kind hosts let Murray and Otis run around in their fenced yard with their sweet yellow lab.  We can't see what the dogs are doing while we eat, but I am sure the three of them invent all sorts of doggie games involving mulch and whizzing on things, and the pugs are exhausted by the time we collect them again.  

After saying goodbye to our new friends, we mark Kalispell as a definite contender for a future home and go north toward Glacier National Park.  

All of the sites within the park that could accommodate our RV are $20 or more per night, and with our prospective stay of at least 6 days, we cannot afford to stay in Glacier.  Fortunately, Flathead National Forest borders the park on the west side, and National Forests almost always mean free dispersed camping.  We find a nice site at an old logging turnout along a forest service road and make camp at our new home overlooking mountains and a valley. 

 There are no amenities, but the view is good and the price can't be beat.  

I am surprised that northern Montana is so hot!  I know it is July, but we are practically in Canada here and I was under the impression that it never gets above freezing there.  

Joking aside, it is very hot and the pugs are practically melting.  We unhitch, load the dogs back into the tube, and take off with the air-conditioning on full blast.  They stop their raspy panting after a bit and start to sound like normal dogs again.  

We take gravel roads here and there, over hills and past strong, clear rivers.  With no real purpose other than to keep the dogs cool and see what is around, we return to camp and make dinner as the sun sets.  

Another colorful sky!

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  1. Ahhh...I'm so glad you were joking about the Canadian weather, believe it or not, I'm sitting in southern British Columbia, approx. 30 mile north of Washington State, in a place know as the Okanagan, and we have been experiencing temps in the mid 90's, or, 30plus celcius. Montana is a wonderful state and one of my favorites, be sure to call into Missoula and Helena before leaving. Both cities are a photographers dream. Thoroughly enjoying your blog and adventurers, glad your pug didn't suffer too badly with his reaction.
    \Be safe and happy journey.

    1. Thanks Gary! Otis is all better and busier than ever catching and eating flies in the camper.
      I guess my plan to escape to Canada when the temps get too high has failed already! Okanagan looks like paradise. Have you seen Ogopogo yet?