Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Money Round-Up

Groceries: $298.27 - averaging about $60/week

Eating Out: $32.33

Camping Fees: $224 - 10 nights at Yellowstone NP, 2 nights at Devils Tower

Auto Fuel: $602

Propane: $58.04

Clothing/Laundry: $26.32 / $28

Pug Care: $43.99 - Taste of the Wild dog food

Health/Medical Care: $10.74

RV and Auto Maintenance/Supplies: $78.99 - oil changed, tires rotated

Internet: $50 for 5 GB

Miscellaneous: $71.99

Total: $1,524.67

Miles Traveled to Someplace Interesting: 2,679

Notables for the month:

*We visit Devils Tower
*We drive down our first (and hopefully last) 10% grade coming off the Bighorn Mountains
*We spend 10 days in Yellowstone (and I see my first moose and grizzly)
*We see the Grand Tetons
*A bison nearly rolls onto our car
*Murray gets pine sap all over himself

p.s. Thanks so much for using my Amazon link to do your shopping!  
Every little bit helps and we need every little bit at the moment!

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