Friday, July 11, 2014

Eating All the Things

Both of us are awakened at 7 am by noxious fumes filling our Airstream.  

The source:  Murray.  

Pugs are cute and fun, but they can produce smells that would put swine to shame.  

Murray looks unconcerned that he nearly killed us all.

This is our last day in the area and so far we have only gotten groceries in Jackson, even though there is a plethora of gastronomic delights to be had.

Today we are going to change all that and eat lunch at as many places as we can.

First stop is the Persephone Bakery where we split a prosciutto sandwich on ciabatta bread with truffle mayo and sweet and spicy peppers.   I only mention this because it is my first taste of truffle anything and it is delicious.

We move on to a sushi place and have a maki roll with salmon, tuna and sea scallop.  During commercial breaks when the World Cup (U.S. vs Belgium) isn't playing, we tell our server we are on a tapas crawl and he heartily recommends several places, as well as warning us against a few others.  We take his recommendation and make for a Thai place, but are stopped in our tracks by a pub that serves buffalo tartare.  We have always wanted to try tartare, and this looks like a nice clean establishment.  (For those that don't know, tartare is (hopefully) high-quality raw chopped meat.)  

This pub is called The Local and the bar is packed with patrons watching the World Cup. 

Our tartare is everything we hoped it would be and we move on to Thai Plate for Guey Goo Glop or some such dish.  We learn that if we don't recognize the name of the ingredient, it is probably inedible and will have to be fished out of our soup.  The shrimp soup is delicious except for the chunks of woody root and possibly bamboo that we extract from our bowls.  

The final course is a chocolate from a store down the street, followed by some window shopping.  As we cross a street, the triumphant shout of a thousand people erupts from every food and drink purveyor in the whole town.  Pedestrians look about in confusion and alarm.  The US just scored a point on Belgium.

Who could eat again after all that?  

Hubs could!  

He can eat staggering amounts of food, although you would never know it to look at him.  

He is still hungry on the drive home, but I make him wait anyway as I go galavanting through the sagebrush for more pictures.  

The pugs are thrilled we came back to them and chase each other around camp while we prepare more food.

Dinner is toasted corn tortillas filled with onions, jalapenos and chicken, all cooked over the camp fire.  

The sun has gone down and Hubs is eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

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