Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bath Time

Hubs has an alarm set for 3:30 am to administer another dose of Benedryl to Otis after his allergic reaction just after dinner.  It is always a game to get Otis to take pills.  No matter what we hide it in, he always finds it and then won't take anything else from us, fearing that it probably has a pill in it.  The direct approach is the only way.  I pry his mouth open, then cram the pill as far back in his throat as I can reach and hold his mouth shut while Hubs quickly follows it up with a cheese chaser.  Sometimes it works, other times Otis foams at the mouth until a little pill pops out between his lips and he gobbles down any cheese within reach.  What a stinker.

After a successful dosing, we all fall soundly asleep until nearly 10:30.  

Otis looks fully recovered and he wants nothing more than to use his brother as a pillow in the sunniest spot available.

It is another warm day and our solar shower heats quickly, allowing us both to make luxurious outdoor ablutions.  We take pugs for a short stroll down to the creek and step in for a few minutes.  It is quite cold and the pugs don't seem interested in staying.  We walk back to camp as another batch of water reaches the proper temperature for pug baths.  

Otis is less than thrilled to be squeaky clean.

Admittedly, this is probably not his most flattering portrait to date.

Murray takes it in stride and finds a sunny spot in the dirt to warm up in, getting pine needles and dirt all over himself.

The humans sit outside in the shade and work . I hold a fly-swatter scepter and keep a sharp eye out for bees so that we don't have a repeat of yesterday.  

There are enough biting flies and yellow jackets to give my day meaning and the ground around our area looks like a war zone with fly carcasses strewn all about.

As evening closes in, Murray and Otis loaf about on the bed and sofa.  Hubs notices that Murray has red welts all over his stomach.  For all of my fly and bee swatting today, Murray goes and sits on top of a fire ant nest.  He didn't yelp or show any sign of discomfort when it happened, but then again he is as tough as nails when it comes to pain tolerance. 

Oh pugs.  Can you ever just have a normal day?

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