Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Week in the Boonies

July 22

We have been stuck on the mountain for a week now and expect our tires to arrive tomorrow.  Good thing, because our pantry is completely bare and we need showers badly enough that going into public is nearly out of the question.  If we sat on a bench, people would toss quarters at us as they walked by.  We would be one slouchy hat away from being booked for vagrancy.

 We still have plenty of dried beans and rice, but we are out of everything else except two pounds of butter, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, and four eggs. 

As the last week has progressed, our grocery list has gotten more elaborate and fanciful as our cupboard has grown more sparse.  It is now three whole pages and would cost a month's worth of grocery money.

I find myself having vivid dreams about going food shopping and taking long, luxurious baths.  

Those tires can't get here soon enough.

Days of hot and cold have passed.  Hail and heat, lighting and wind have all taken center stage at one point or another.

The wind must be shifting because there is no longer the deep haze from the wildfires in neighboring states.  

Tomorrow brings tires and freedom and grocery shopping!

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