Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Bad Day for Socks

This morning I fold laundry that hung overnight to dry, which includes all of our socks.  Balling up Hub's socks, I find several that have irreparable holes in them.  This is great news for Otis, our resident sock hunter and tamer.  His favorite game in the world is to chomp a hand covered in several layers of thick socks, and this morning he has his fun until our hands can take no more.

Murray soon tires of this game and slumps in a sunny spot. 

 Otis is still wound up and takes to destroying the packaging sent in an Amazon box.  

It is another perfect, sunny day and what better thing to do than a short hike on Lupine Meadows Trail, the starting point for some of the most popular hikes in the park.  

We don't have time to go very far, but what we do see is like a storybook and I expect to see a gingerbread cottage around every bend.  The name Lupine Meadows Trail is a bit misleading.  The drive to the trailhead has most of the lupine and once on the trail it is mostly evergreen forest.  

Pronghorn graze in the adjacent field.

If you catch a zombie pronghorn with two heads, it must grant you a wish, right?  I forget which fairytale that is from.

On our way home we try to glimpse our Airstream from the main road.  Can you see it?

How about now?

Our boondock spot overlooks the valley which hosts Jackson Hole Airport.  It is unnerving to see huge passenger planes descend lower and lower until they look as though they will crash into the mountain…

...but it is a trick of the eye and they fly right in front of the peaks, landing safely below.

As dusk approaches, a deer wanders into camp, coming close enough for me to poke it with my shadow.

Tag!  You're it!

Toasted marshmallows seem like the perfect dessert and a blazing fire is enough to keep the evening chill away.

I ask Hubs for a picture in front of the mountain.  You know…to block the view.  

I should have known better.

Otis and Murray are much more cooperative.

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