Friday, June 27, 2014

Yellowstone Part 5

We have seen what we want of the northern portion of Yellowstone and would like to be closer to the thermal activity of the southern area, so we make the decision to move to Norris campground.  With the campground being first-come first-serve, it can be tricky to find an appropriate site, so we leave early with just the car to stake our claim.  There is only one spot that could work, so we pay for it and make tracks back to Mammoth to get out of there by 11 am.  Three hours after we go in search of a new campsite, we pull in and unhitch.  This site is long enough to back the camper in, but not without blocking part of the road with the car until we unhitch.  The space slopes severely downhill and we must utilize all of our chocks and legos to get level.  Even then, the back stabilizer jacks are on tippy-toes and we still tilt downhill.  But it will do for tonight.  

It hails small bits for a few minutes, then becomes cold styrofoam which collects quickly on the ground.  

Otis is displeased with the cold turn in the weather.

The rest of the day is spent on short hikes with grand views like Artist's Point. 

While the landscape is stunning in macro, it is full of color and texture in micro as well.

I get some funny looks for staring at a rock instead of the view just beyond.

I suppose I had better act normal...

...but get distracted by another rock.

Snow clings stubbornly to the cliff face as it is still spring here in YNP.

 All of our hikes are done in a hurry and with chilled fingers.

On the way home it begins to snow again.


  1. your photos are breathtaking...

    1. Thanks, Gary. I just point the camera at what God has created, though! I can hardly take credit for that :)