Friday, June 27, 2014

Yellowstone Part 4

June 14

A beautiful, chilly day dawns here in Yellowstone and we are off to see the wild displays of nature this morning.  A grizzly mother keeps a watchful eye on her two cubs while a small traffic jam forms on the side of the road.  

Apparently unfazed by the gawking crowd, she rolls onto her back and nurses her cubs.

I believe this is called a Red Spouter.

Firehole Lake Drive yields more surprises as we pass a furry red river which feeds into another that is boiling and black with Martian blobs perched on every rock.

Driving toward Old Faithful, we stop at Grand Prismatic Spring.  It is very cold and the difference between the air and water temperature causes steam to occlude any view into the spring.  All we see is grey.

Even grey is not without its charms.  The mist is warm and wet, making us reluctant to walk away from the smell of boiled eggs and back out into the cold. 

Arriving at Old Faithful, we try to get some work done with our sparse internet connection until the next eruption.  The next half hour brings snow, then sleet, then a few minutes of intermittent sunshine.  

WHOOSH!  Old Faithful does its thing as tourists pack the boardwalk, aiming every kind of digital device, including some I can't identify, at the geyser. 

It snows again causing visitors to dash into the lodge and the announcement is soon made that the concession stand is out of hot chocolate.

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