Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yellowstone Part 3

Not everything boils and steams in Yellowstone.  There are spectacular mountain views, sparkling clear rivers and this time of year a profusion of wildflowers. 

A grouse hides in the shade of a pine tree.

The stump of a petrified tree lures visitors down a dead end.  I try to envision how big the live tree must have been.

Tower falls drops off into the Yellowstone River, a frothing green serpentine line far below.

Artist's Paintpots is a showy basin filled with dramatic colors and boiling mud.

I spend a good twenty minutes just watching globules of muck form and burst. 

 I have often wondered if God has a sense of humor, and this confirms it.

It is nearing dusk as we take a side hike to find a geyser basin that isn't marked very well.  We go as far as we dare this late in the evening and have to turn back before finding it, but not before the trees open up and we see a herd of bison grazing at the foot of a mountain.

There are a few minutes of daylight left and I am determined to make the most of every second.  This is how we end up running past Steamboat Geyser and around the basin it is in.  

By the time we get back to the car, it is pitch black and nearly all the string has gone out of my legs, but I am happy and I have a card full of photographs.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Very inspiring!

    1. Thanks Mike! Although it is hard to take a bad photo in Yellowstone!