Monday, June 2, 2014

Wonderful Neighbors

May 26

Otis and Murray are roused from bed and we all walk the campground loop and connecting road.  A colony of prairie dogs chatter and scold as we pass by, no doubt saying "Those are the fattest, stumpiest coyotes we have ever seen!  Just look at their tails!"

Bison are grazing on the hills, so we can walk as far as we please without fear of bumping into one.  On our return loop, two little white curly dogs squeeze out of a tent and bound towards Otis.  He pins his ears back and makes a terrified face, but everybody minds their manners.  The owner retrieves them as we pass our neighbors with their basset hound and (I'm guessing here) mini-poodle mix on the road.

Murray has, over the course of his life, injured his eye several times.  This morning he is squinting with that same eye and I can tell he has injured it again.  This being Memorial Day, everything is closed, including the Wall Drug pharmacy.  I am looking for colloidal silver, but that is an unusual request and the nearest town is tiny and unlikely to have it.

Thunder softly rumbles in the distance and dark clouds drift our direction. Our neighbors, Claude and Christi, decide to drive either to Wall or Interior to escape the thunder for the sake of Bonnie the basset, who is pacing about and clearly worried.

I call this: Storm Cloud Over Terlit

They ask if they can pick anything up for us, and I ask that if they find a CVS, see if they carry colloidal silver.  I don't expect anything and normally I wouldn't ask, but Murray's eye is hurting him and I am afraid of infection.

Storm clouds come closer, so we move the car to the gravel road.  Claude told us that he once spent six hours trying to get his car out of the mud here, and I believe it.  As soon as water touches the soil here, it becomes a thick, gloppy mess.

Rains skirt the edge of our little valley here for the next few hours and the storm passes us without a drop of rain falling.

Several hours later, Claude and Christi return holding a small box of colloidal silver creme!  These two found the impossible!  I am humbled by how kind and generous they are.

Later in the evening, they bring steaks over and we spend another meal in pleasant company, laughing and swapping stories as coyotes raise their usual ruckus in the surrounding hills.

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