Friday, June 20, 2014

to Cody, Wyoming

June 10

We rise early, enjoy hot showers thanks to the generosity of our hosts, then set sail for Cody, Wyoming.  It is too late in the day to make it into Yellowstone and find an empty spot to camp (most non-reservation sites fill by noon, according to the Yellowstone website) and we make the decision to stay at Walmart.  A friendly RVer informs us that there is a very nice place behind Walmart, away from the bustle of shoppers, so we make camp by a grassy strip lined with evergreens.  

Cody boasts a highly-recommended museum and a nightly rodeo, not to mention a bustling downtown with a steak and beer joint on every corner.  For the (chochke) lover, there are stores brimming with t-shirts, Southwestern pottery, and mounted jackalope heads.  

John Wayne grimaces at incoming customers.

We stumble across a store selling raw lapidary stones and pick out a few to send back to my sister the jewelry maker.  

Feast your eyes on this, sis!
The rest of the evening is occupied with making excursions into Walmart, checking out an internet-rumor boondocking spot on the mountain in Cody, and watching mashed potato clouds on the horizon.  

Incidentally, the boondocking spot in Cody is not acceptable for trailer use because of its many steep, narrow switchbacks and unavoidable potholes.  Here is Hubs modeling a pothole.  

If you have four wheel drive and are tent camping, this would probably work just fine.  

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