Sunday, June 8, 2014

I'm Tough and So Are You

June 1

Sunday morning does not go at all as planned.  After finding the church we chose to attend, we discover that the building is completely empty!  I guess they are meeting somewhere else.

We didn't really know what we were doing next, so we brought the trailer.  I guess we go back to Cabela's.  

On the way back there is a severe thunderstorm and torrential rain, so we pull under South Dakota Tech's awning for about half an hour.  The nice thing about dragging our home behind us is we can go back in the Airstream and make lunch.

Back in Cabela's parking lot, a brand new Airstream pulls in next to us.  The owners, Dick and Carol, graciously offer to let me look inside!  I have never been in one of the new Airstreams and I spend the next few minutes gushing over how pretty it is.  

After a tour of our Airstream, we part ways and I go do laundry.  By the time I get back, the next round of thunderstorms is on the horizon, so we hitch up and head for less stormy pastures.  

We pass Bear Butte State Park and drive through Sturgis, SD.  With the big Sturgis Motorcycle Rally a few months away, every bar and saloon is shuttered, but there are several vendors plying 2014 Rally t-shirts.  

What is it with all of the depictions of skulls and skeletons in this town?  Do all bikers aspire to be that thin?  Are skeletons supposed to be tough?  Inside me is a skeleton, so I must be tough too.  Or am I only tough if it is showing?  Better yet, showing and on fire?

Our drive is about an hour and a half and it flies by.  Soon we pull into the free camping site at Belle Fourche (pronounced Bell Foosh, of The Cowboys fame) Reservoir.  Apparently Belle Fourche is also the geographic center of the US. 

Where's Waldo(g)?

Oh how lovely!

A rolling meadow forms the peninsula out into the lake.  There is a stiff breeze causing whitecaps on the waves sloshing against the bluff we park on.  Mountains rim the horizon in an evening haze and I am so happy to be here.

This seems to be a trend in our new life.  Either everything is wonderful and happy and lovely, or it is stressful and terrible and frightening.  There doesn't seem to be anything in-between.  We experience either high highs or low lows…there is no normal any more.  

Try not to squint

Sometimes I feel like an emotional yo-yo. 

But for tonight, life is peachy and so is the view.

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